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Moto Guzzi was conceived in 1921 by two aircraft pilots and their mechanic serving in the Italian Air Corp. Today, Moto Guzzi is an iconic motorcycle brand that is renowned worldwide for its engineering and design excellence.

The heritage of the brand spans more than nine decades and includes 3,329 official race wins, 8 World Championships, 6 Constructor's Championships and 11 Isle of Man TT victories.

The famous air-cooled 90° V-twin with the engine's transverse cylinder heads projecting prominently on either side of the bike gives the brand its unique ‘hallmark’ of recognition.

Today Motor Guzzi goes from strength to strength and is now owned by Piaggio Group, forming part of Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Owning an Italian icon starts by test riding a new Motor Guzzi at Blade Motorcycles … book your ride today!

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